Why take Travel Insurance for Canada?

Although Travel Insurance for Canada isn’t mandatory for travellers from some countries like India, immigration officers in Canada are strictly recommending travellers to take Travel Insurance that ensures all unforeseen medical costs that arise during the travel.
Features of SSQ Travel Insurance

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Purpose of SSQ Travel Insurance for Canada?

When you are travelling to Canada, there are chances you have made this plan long before. May it be travel to meet your family or friends or be it an adventurous trip to explore Canada, SSQ Travel Insurance for Canada will keep you safe from any situation that could turn against your planned travel itinerary.

We include all unforeseen situations like delay in flights, loss of baggage or delay in baggage, loss of passport, legal issues, adventure sports, accidents, sudden medical necessity and other incidents during the trip.

As Canada is home to many breathtaking locations, adventure activities, Travel Insurance to Canada from SSQ offers coverage for any mishaps that may occur. Also, the expensive medical costs in Canada keep you at risk in case of a medical emergency, so stay safe and travel risk-free with SSQ Travel Insurance.

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