Insurance brokers are licensed professionals who help individuals with their insurance needs, including identifying the right policy based on their specific needs and budget.

Why You Should Use An Insurance Broker?

By Canadian LIC, February 14, 2022, 8 Minutes

Insurance brokers are licensed professionals who help individuals with their insurance needs, including identifying the right policy based on their specific needs and budget.

What is an Insurance Broker, and what do they do?

A professional who is an expert in the field of insurance and provides professional advice and continuous service as per the needs of its customers whenever required is an insurance broker. If you are new to the world of insurance and don’t know what to do, then an insurance broker can make everything quite simple and smooth.

They research and provide the best possible insurance solutions as per individual needs. You get access to insurance which offers the best value and peace of mind with the knowledge of an insurance broker. An insurance broker looks after all your insurance needs, thus saving you your time, money and all the worry. They will suggest you a variety of products within your budget after assessing your exposure to risk.

You can gather more information on insurance brokers through the government website as well.

Who should go with an Insurance Broker?

The below-mentioned types of buyers get the most benefits from using an insurance broker to buy insurance:

Top 11 Benefits of Insurance Brokers in Canada

Below mentioned are the reasons you should use an insurance broker in Brampton:

Can we trust an Insurance Broker?

Insurance brokers usually get commissions from the insurance companies for the many types of insurance they sell if they are able to sell it successfully. These insurance agents work with a number of insurance providers, so there are very few chances of them having a monetary bias for any one particular product. Hence they are unbiased and impartial parties and provide you with a policy that would be in your budget as per your requirements from so many different insurance companies in their knowledge.

Do Insurance Brokers Understand the Products They Sell?

You will definitely be able to make a much better decision if you buy insurance through an insurance broker rather than directly from any insurance company. An insurance broker’s job is to have all the best knowledge about the best insurances available in the market from the best insurance companies and hence will advise you for one which is perfect for your budget. These insurance brokers in Canada are very well aware of the application requirements, coverage terms, and pricing.

Whatever insurance you are looking for, be it critical illness insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, etc., you can easily buy through an insurance broker in Ontario after comparing them with each other. Mostly all the insurance brokers cover all types of insurance, but you might find a few who specialize in specific ones. So if you want an expert opinion on a particular insurance, you can go to these types of insurance brokers in Canada.

The Benefits of Working with an Insurance Broker in Toronto

Alongside helping you choose the ideal insurance policy for you and your family, working with expert insurance brokers has its advantages. Here’s how you will benefit from hiring an insurance broker in Toronto before choosing a policy:

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Some Tips On Choosing The Right Insurance Broker​

Although there is no established formula for finding the right broker for your insurance needs, what you should look for is someone who has a minimum set of attributes to shift through several policies and identify the right option for you. Here are some tips that can help you hire an insurance broker:

Process of Application

During the Application process, certain documents will be needed from you, such as:

There are certain insurance policies that might even require you to go for a Health Exam before the issue of the policy, but it has become really rare now. 

Whatever situations you might be facing for the type of insurance you are dealing with, you will have complete guidance and support from the insurance broker in Toronto you are working with. A few things to consider before making your decision to buy your policy are as follows:

If in case you have missed anything or want to add to your plan, your broker should be able to do that for you effortlessly. Once you have made up your mind, the insurance broker will complete the application process and will proceed with the payment process for you. If you are required to make a claim, the broker might also support you after the coverage gets life.

To learn more about the application process, you can read – Getting an Insurance Policy.

What is the cost of buying Insurance from the Best Insurance Broker in Canada?

An insurance broker is paid by insurance companies and not by clients. They cannot charge a fee; if they do, then it might be a scam. 

You only have to pay the fee for the insurance policy you buy but not any fee to the broker. The prices of different insurance policies vary to a great extent as per their type and coverage.

In fact, if you buy insurance from an insurance broker in Canada, it might be cheaper than buying directly from the insurance company. This happens because the insurance broker provides you with various discounts and also negotiates the price of the plan. You can even take the benefits of rebates by bundling different policies together.

Thus to put it in simple terms, you might experience a vast difference in the cost of insurance when you buy it through a broker but not in any case, you will have to pay fees to the broker. You will only have to pay the price of the insurance policy you are buying after you have made the decision to buy it.

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Other Insurance Buying Options​

You can even buy your insurance directly through the insurance company or work with an agent if you are not interested in buying through a broker. But if you do so, then you will lose the biggest benefit of comparing different insurances available in the market. If you decide to work with an agent, it is best advised to do your proper research so that you are able to grab the best deal for your plan. 

Final Thoughts

Hiring an insurance broker can be difficult, but if you choose our team at Canadian LIC in Toronto, you will be hiring a team of professionals who can help you get a tailored insurance policy at affordable premium rates. Please schedule a consultation today; we look forward to meeting you. We are based in Toronto.

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