Careers in the insurance industry offer

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The work is as varied as the customers' needs. It's hard to imagine a career choice where you would have the chance to use more of your skills than insurance.

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When you choose a career path in insurance, you're joining an elite financial services sector that's one of the most respected in the world.

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The potential for growth, professionally and personally, are endless if you're ready to write a career success story and have the work ethic to back up your ambition.

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People in insurance make a difference by solving problems and helping others in their time of loss. As your career progresses in the insurance business, every day presents a new opportunity.

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Lifelong Learning

Learning about insurance is part of the job. The industry itself will provide the educational opportunities needed to advance a career.

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As a keystone of Canada's financial sector, property and casualty insurance is a $30 billion industry in Canada. There is a 500-year history of growth in the business.

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We are an independent Insurance Agency offering health and life insurance policies for individuals and employer groups. We are your local experts for insurance products. Our philosophy is always to provide our customers with the highest quality insurance coverage for the best price and superior service.

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