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When you’re looking to go on vacation, and see the world, the last thing you want to worry about is what to do in an emergency situation. Did you know what your provincial medical plan doesn’t usually cover any medical emergency costs that happen outside of Canada? Due to being a visitor in another country, if any medical situation arises you could find yourself financially devastated in trying to pay the costs associated with getting better and coming home.


Many Canadians choose frequently choose to add comprehensive emergency travel insurance when planning a holiday because you just never know what could happen. If you haven’t considered travel insurance for your next international vacation, here’s a little more information about it and how it can benefit you.

What does travel insurance cover?

You can purchase different amounts of coverage, like any insurance policy, but for the most part a travel insurance plan will provide coverage for unexpected medical emergency costs while you’re outside of Canada. You may even need it for travel within Canada as some provinces don’t extend coverage for medical or paramedical services.

What if I only travel occasionally?

No worries! There are plans that cover those who vacation multiple times a year and for those who travel once every few years. You can even select daily or annual coverage – the choice is yours! With travel insurance you can choose a single trip plan, or coverage for a whole year for as many trips as you’d like to take in that time.

Want even more coverage?

In addition to medical emergencies, there are a lot of issues that can arise while you’re on vacation. Harpreet Puri offers many travel insurance policy options. You can choose from policies with flight accident coverage, trip cancellation / interruption coverage or baggage insurance that provides coverage for damaged, lost or stolen personal items at any time, anywhere in the world.

Why do I need additional coverage?

When you travel, the hotel you stay at or the cruise you board usually offers little to no coverage for lost, stolen or damaged items. On top of that, your home owners insurance likely will not cover for items lost during a trip to another country. Further, if you have an unexpected illness or accidents your trip cancellation insurance can help refund some or all of the money paid towards the trip. Without that, if you cannot go on the trip for some reason you’d be out all the money invested in it.

Do I have options?

Travel insurance is customizable to your needs, so you can purchase just one plan – like medical costs – or you can purchase all the coverages available to you. Harpreet would be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss your needs to make sure you’re completely covered.

What about visitors travelling to Canada?

If you have family or friends coming to visit Canada from another country, they may want some assurance they will be covered if an emergency should happen while they’re here. Not to worry – a visitor to Canada can purchase Visitor’s Insurance – a type of travel insurance – to protect from emergency medical expenses while here. Healthcare costs can very quickly add up, so it is important to ensure you are completely covered when you need it.


When planning a vacation, there are so many details to worry about and schedules to figure out. By ensuring you’re completely covered before your vacation starts you can truly enjoy your time off, explore new places and take in all the sights. We don’t want you to stress over a potential emergency, so come see us for all your travel insurance needs in the GTA!

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