What kind of medical health insurance do international students get?

medical health insurance

If you are planning to study in Canada, then you must have health insurance, and medical insurance is included in that policy. In some provinces, it might not be, in that case, you would have to make necessary arrangements for a private insurance policy. You can get in touch with Canadian LIC and we will be more than happy to help you with your insurance requirements.

The benefits that come with international medical health insurance When you apply for medical insurance in Canada, you should know of the benefits that come with it. Have a look below:

Low insurance premiums:

The premiums for these plans are affordable and it can break down into several easy payments that can be paid during the student’s stay.

Dedicated benefits:

The following is the list of benefits that you would be getting with all insurance policies:
• Hospital expenses and accommodation;
• Diagnostic services
• Physician charges
• Prescription drugs
• Paramedical services
• Psychiatric treatment
• Trauma counseling
• Medical appliances
• Treatment of dental accident

What are the types of insurance plans available?

If you do a Google search of what type of insurance you should get, you may get confused with the wide range of options that Google throws at you. Don’t worry though, below are some specific insurance policies which are tailored to a student’s needs and also don’t cost that much, have a look.

• International travel medical insurance: It is specifically aimed for those students who are traveling to Canada and are valid for one year. It can be used as a supplement to medical insurance.

• International major medical insurance: It’s a long-term insurance policy and is renewable. It offers flexible coverage options, pre-existing health issues or injuries, and much more.

To know how to apply for medical insurance using your insurance card, you can always get in touch with our team at Canadian LIC. We look forward to hearing from you.