HMC Super Visa Insurance

HMC Super Visa Insurance

HMC Super Visa Insurance from Canadian LIC plan is one of Canada's leading providers of travel insurance products. With over 20 years of experience in this line of business serving travelers worldwide, you can't go wrong choosing them for Super Visa Insurance. If you plan to visit the country, contact the team at Canadian LIC to apply for coverage. We will be glad to assist you with any queries that you may have.

HMC Super Visa Insurance from Canadian LIC Coverage Eligibility

You are eligible for HMC Super Visa Insurance from Canadian LIC coverage:

  • If you are at least a minimum of 15 years of age or no older than 89 years.

  • If you are not insured under any provincial or territorial government Health Insurance scheme.

  • If your health condition is decent, there is no reason for you to seek any medical treatment during your trip to Canada.

  • If you are not residing in a nursing home, convalescent home, rehabilitation center, etc.

What is covered under the HMC Super Visa Insurance from Canadian LIC?

  • In the unfortunate event of a medical emergency, a reimbursement will be made only to the extent that it is prohibited by law and is not included under the "what's not covered" list. It will also be reimbursed if it is not covered under any Canadian government Health Insurance scheme.

  • Medical care, supplies, including prescriptions obtained by written authorization from a registered physician.

  • If there are any pre-existing conditions, they may be covered if the applicant has paid the necessary premium, filled up a medical questionnaire, and received proof of coverage from the company.

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HMC Super Visa Health Insurance benefits

This insurance policy provides emergency hospital and medical coverage up to the plan chosen by the policyholder. The maximum emergency medical coverage amounts are $15,000; $25,000; $50,000; $100,000 and $150,000. For more details, give the team at Canadian LIC a call today.

Extension of policy coverage

If you have not incurred any claims during the period, you may apply for a policy extension of your Super Visa Health Insurance coverage. If any claim has been made before the extension of your insurance plan, your extension policy will be deemed null and void. The extension of the policy comes into effect the day following the termination of your existing insurance coverage. Minimum premium levels apply, ensuring you have paid the correct premium amount for your previous coverage plan. Please note: Coverage of the policy will be extended at the choice of the company.

Repatriation services

As per the insurance policy, in the unfortunate event of your passing, you are entitled to a maximum of CAD 5000 for the necessary expenses of returning your remains to your country of residence or for cremation in Canada. It includes the benefit of up to CAD 500 for the cost of a temporary casket or an urn to transport the remains of the deceased.

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To find out more information about the HMC Super Visa Insurance from Canadian LIC plan or request a free quote, give Canadian LIC a call at 416 543 9000 today.


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