Desjardins Permanent Life Insurance

Unlike term life insurance, a Permanent Life Insurance policy will provide coverage for the rest of your life and is a more cost-effective policy option in the long term.

Desjardins Permanent Life Insurance

Unlike term life insurance, a Permanent Life Insurance policy will provide coverage for the rest of your life and is a more cost-effective policy option in the long term.

Benefits of Permanent Life Insurance:

  • Simple and relatively quick procedure that can be purchased over the phone.

  • The benefit amount that covers the basic needs of the insured is pre-determined.

  • You will just have to answer a few questions - no need to undergo a medical exam.

50+ Life Insurance is a reasonably priced Permanent Life Insurance policy that offers individuals a haven for their savings, ensuring their loved ones won't be left struggling to cover their funeral costs.

Why choose Permanent Life Insurance?

  • To ensure your dear ones have enough to cover funeral expenses.

  • Get coverage options that are among the least expensive available.

  • To offset the inevitable decline in insurance that comes with age and make sure you continue to have enough coverage

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How 50+ Life Insurance works

This insurance policy is exclusive to individuals between the ages of 50 and 75. Provided the premiums are paid, this policy remains in force for life. Below-mentioned is the policy benefits:

  • You have to answer four questions to see if you are eligible for the insurance policy. A medical examination is not required.

  • If your death occurs in the first two years of coverage, you will get immediate coverage and a benefit.

  • You are entitled to receive five times the benefit amount for accidental death up to the age of 85

  • Up to 50% of your reward will be paid in advance.

What we offer:

Personalized Coverage

  • Natural death:You have the option to choose any insurance policy of $5,000, $7,500, $10,000, $15,000, or $20,000. Note: the policiesare completelytax-free.

  • Accidental death before age 85:The benefits will be five times.

  • Advance payment:If the life expectancy declared by the physician is less than two years, you will receive up to 50% of the benefit.

  • Lifetime coverage:You are eligible to lifelong coverage as soon as your payments are paid.

30-day Free Look Option

If you choose this insurance policy, you are given 30 days to decide whether you want to continue with this policy. And the best part is, you're covered the whole time! If you choose this is not the insurance option for you, we'll cancel the policy, and you'll get your money back.

Assistance Services

You have unlimited free access to services of aid.

  • Convalescence Assistance – case management: A phone service that connects you with local home care providers to help you rehabilitate.

  • Psychological Assistance: A confidential service provided by psychologists to assist you in getting through difficult circumstances.

Personalized Services

An in-person needs analysis.

  • Benefit amount catered to your specific needs.

  • Meeting held based on your preferred location

  • Expert advice is offered on life, health, and disability insurance.

Permanent Life Insurance is an ideal option to ensure your loved ones and beneficiaries are provided for when you are gone. It is perfect because:

  • Irrespective of what happens to your health, you get lifetime coverage.

  • Meeting held based on your preferred location

  • You can leave behind a tax-free benefit to:

  • Provide for your future generation

  • Support a cause that's important to you

  • Cover your funeral expenses

  • Pay taxes owing upon death

How does Permanent Life Insurance Work?

It is a tax-free benefit paid in a lump sum to your beneficiary. In the case of a joint coverage option, the benefit is paid when the second spouse passes away. So what are you waiting for? Please make the most of our flexible Permanent Life Insurance coverage options today with Desjardins!

What we offer

Personalized Coverage

  • You have the option to choose how long you want to pay your premiums:

  • 10, 15, or 20 years

  • Valid up to ages of 65 or 100

  • You choose a benefit (Between$1,000 up to $10,000,000) to suit your needs.

  • A guaranteed premium amount is to be paid. The amount is set and cannot be changed during the entire period of the policy.

  • If you take more than one coverage, you will get preferred rates.

  • You can change your benefit without having to provide any medical proof.

  • If you decrease or end your coverage, you will get abundant cash surrender values.

  • Even if you stop paying your premiums, you can continue with your coverage.

Additional Coverages

  • Take care of your children's health by getting them life insurance coverage when they grow up.

  • In the event of a disability, you can benefit from a premium holiday.

  • You do not have to provide proof that is health is in good condition to increase your benefit amount.

2-in-1 coverage

Critical Illness Advance:

  • Get yourself critical illness coverage along with life insurance and protect yourself against the huge costs of an illness.

  • Upon diagnosis, you can choose the tax-free, lump-sum insurance amount you would like to receive for one of the covered critical illnesses.

  • Your beneficiaries will get your life insurance benefits in the case of your death. The critical illness payment will be deducted if it has already been paid.

Long-term Care Advance:

  • Along with life insurance, get long-term care coverage to protect yourself financially in case you would require help with activities of daily living.

  • Choose the tax-free, monthly insurance amount you'd want to receive if you require care due to your age, an accident, or a sickness.

  • When you pass away, your loved ones and beneficiaries will get the rest of your life insurance policy, or at least 25% of your initial policy value.


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