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An unforeseen event can happen anytime and anywhere when you are travelling. Prepare yourself for the worst with Travel Insurance from Canada Protection Plan.

Travel Insurance

An unforeseen event can happen anytime and anywhere when you are travelling. Prepare yourself for the worst with Travel Insurance from Canada Protection Plan. To find out more details, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

How can Canada Protection Plan help you with your Travel Insurance needs?

When you reside in your home province, your medical expenses are taken care of with provincial health care. But when you are in a neighbouring province and require medical attention, the cost can be significantly higher. A minor injury or illness can set you back thousands of dollars. Why take that chance and visit another province without insurance? Purchase travel medical insurance from Canada Protection Plan today! We offer a complete range of Travel Insurance plans for your peace of mind. Please note: Travel Insurance does not cover all illnesses, check out the certificate of insurance to see a complete list of benefits and exclusions in the policy. The CUMIS General Insurance company underwrites travel medical insurance from Canada Protection Plan who is a member of The Co-operators group of companies administered by the Allianz Global Assistance. Allianz Global Assistance is a registered business name of AZGA Service Canada Inc. and AZGA Insurance Agency Canada Ltd.

Why should you choose Canada Protection Plan for Travel Insurance?

  • A wide range of plans making sure you choose the right plan to suit your needs.

  • Our Travel Insurance policies provide up to $10 million coverage for Canadian residents.

  • Reasonably priced insurance policies.

  • Easy to purchase. You have the option of ringing up our call centre or buying directly on ourwebsite.

  • Includes many benefits that are valuable, such as hospital confinement, prescription medication, medical services, emergency dental services, emergency transportation, meals and accommodation, qualified therapists, return of the vehicle, and transportation of a family member or friend.

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Various Travel Insurance options

Travel Medical Insurance

Without medical insurance, health can cost thousands of dollars for even minor incidents, and a significant accident or illness can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. You must prepare yourself for unforeseen events by purchasing travel medical insurance. Travel medical insurance covers unexpected medical costs for you and your family while you are on vacation outside of Canada or in a different province of the country. At Canada Protection Plan, we provide a complete range of travel medical insurance options to cover a single-trip or annual multi-trip vacation. Additionally, we provide trip cancellation insurance options; call our team to find out more.

Out of country visitors to Canada insurance

Visitors from outside Canada are not covered by the country’s medical care and require insurance to protect themselves from any unexpected medical expenses that may arise. Canada Protection Plan offers a wide selection of travel medical insurance plans to ensure visitors do not burn a hole in their pockets paying for medical injuries and illnesses. This type of insurance plan is suitable for immigrants, international students, and those on a work visa who have landed and waiting for their provincial health coverage.


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