Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada

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We understand that an international trip to Canada during a pandemic could be challenging as you have to comply with the travel requirements of your home country but also fulfill the needs of the Government of Canada for travellers and tourists. Keep an eye on Canada’s travel restrictions regularly to comply with mandatory measures like testing and quarantine, which are ever-changing with the prevailing situation.

Canadian Visitor Visa & Permits –

Are you planning to visit Canada using a visitor visa called the temporary resident visa or a parent or grandparent looking for a Super Visa? You must keep your paperwork in order. Don’t keep probing on this till the last moment. The pandemic has brought many changes in travel policies, so it is advised to check the requirements for visitor insurance for work, study, or visit Canada based on your situation. Read more about the visitor insurance here.

10 Reasons why you should choose Canadian L.I.C. Inc’s Visitors to Canada Insurance:

Even beyond the pandemic, visitors like you must understand that the medical insurance of your home country may not cover the emergency medical expenses. Moreover, the Government of Canada recommends that you take suitable travel insurance coverage throughout your stay in Canada. Canadian medical care could be expensive if you aren’t a resident of the country.

Canadian L.I.C. Inc’s visitor insurance for medical emergencies is a comprehensive choice that covers hospital care, emergency medical treatment for any illness or injury, doctor visit, ambulance, scan,/x-ray, diagnostic lab services and prescription medicines, and more. It also includes 24/7 emergency medical assistance.

Read further to know few best benefits to protect yourself during your stay in Canada with Canadian L.I.C. Inc.’s visitor’s insurance:

  1. COVID-19 coverage

You will be covered for any medical emergencies due to COVID-19 under this insurance. If you have any signs of COVID-19 and test positive or diagnose COVID 19 during your stay in Canada, you can claim the medical expenses for the same under this insurance. Don’t forget to follow the below two points before purchasing this insurance:

  • Mandatory COVID-19 tests ( includes COVID-19 test to meet statutory requirements ) are not covered, irrespective of the test results.
  • You can not avail medical coverage for COVID-19 if you travel outside Canada when the Canadian Government has issued a travel advisory to “avoid all travel.”
  1. Simple eligibility Criteria

Purchasing this insurance is relatively easy with the processing of documents for visitors of age 59 or below. Visitors of age 60 and above must fill out an easy medical questionnaire.

  1. Perfect pre-existing medical issues coverage

Do you have a stable pre-existing medical problem, we cover your expenses as long as you satisfy the policy’s stability norms.

  1. No waiting period

If you purchase your travel insurance before reaching Canada, you don’t have to go through the waiting period while you are sick. However, if you haven’t bought the insurance before reaching Canada, you may still buy it once you arrive here:

  • If you have purchased the policy within 60 days of arrival in Canada, you may wait for 48 hours for medical expenses towards any disease or illness.
  • If you have purchased the policy after 60 days of arrival in Canada, your waiting period will extend up to 7days for expenses on any disease or illness treatment.
  1. Coverage outside of Canada

You can avail coverage for worldwide travel as long as you have spent most of your travel period in Canada. The side-trips outside Canada will be covered if you have arrived in Canada first.

Some Conditions applies, during your coverage, but medical expenses incurred during your stay in the home country will not be covered.

  1. Medical Follow-up visits

If you need to visit your physician after emergency medical care, you are eligible for five follow-up visits, which must be within 14days of your original emergency medical care. Also Depending on the Company & Insurance Plan you chose.

  1. 24-hour accident care coverage

You are entitled to $25,000 coverage in case of loss of life or dismemberment due to an accident.

  1. Professional medical care

You can enjoy any one of the following per licensed practitioner-

  • Podiatrists
  • Chiropodists
  • Acupuncturists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Optometrists
  • Osteopaths
  1. Maternity benefit

Upto $6,000 is covered for prenatal care and delivery expenses. This insurance covers any complications arising out of delivery too.

  1. Last-minute Trip Cancellations

Have you cancelled your trip in the last minute due to unavoidable reasons? Don’t worry! Submit the proof of cancellation and get your full premium refund. This depends upon if you paid for Trip Cancelation Insurance.

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Don’t miss getting yourself insured before you plan your trip to Canada. At Canadian L.I.C. our expert insurance advisors can assist you with the right visitor insurance policy to avoid your strain in choosing the best insurance policy for your tour to Canada. Our insurance policies are easy to purchase at affordable prices.

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