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    Super visa insurance can save you hundreds of dollars if you’ve to visit the emergency room while visiting your children or grandchildren in Canada. You may not want to think about these matters when you’re travelling, but as we all know, emergencies do not come with a warning sign, and if you fall ill, you would eventually have to consult a doctor. Super visa insurance offers full or partial coverage of your treatment costs. Want to know more?

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    Understanding super visa first

    Before we dwell on the topic of super visa insurance, let’s have a look at what super visas are. Super visa was introduced by the federal government with one aim in mind; to reunite parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens living abroad. It allows the visiting family members to stay for a longer period of 24 months compared to the 6 months that is allowed by a general visa. Not to mention, it’s also a multiple-entry visa with 10-year validity. How the insurance policy comes into play is, the applicant must opt for super visa insurance for the actual visa to be approved. The Canadian government has made it a mandate in the recent past. This benefits the applicant as with insurance, they will be financially independent when it comes to treatment costs.

    Explaining super visa insurance

    Coming to the insurance component of the super visa policy. You may think of this plan as a safety net for you from expensive medical costs during your stay in Canada. When you’re in Canada, your native country’s insurance policy will not be enough to cover your treatment costs for any type of medical emergency. You will also not be eligible to come under the government’s scheme as you are not a permanent resident of the country. In case you don’t have insurance, then you will have to pay out-of-pocket and that can be a lot. For example, the average cost of a hospital stay in Canada can be up to $7,000 per night. With super visa insurance, your burden of this amount would be significantly less. Our team can share all the details you would need. Contact Canadian LIC in Ottawa today and set up a consultation.

    Policy coverage, timeline and other details

    When it comes to policy coverage and timeline, with super visa insurance, these are very flexible details. It depends on how much you want the coverage and the coverage period to be (like any other insurance). However, the minimum coverage amount has to be $100,000 and it should be for a minimum of one year. You can pay the premium every month or all at once, whichever is more convenient for you. Another important thing that you should know is that you would have to take the insurance from a Canadian insurance company and you can consider Canadian LIC in Ottawa as one of the top choices.

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    I would like to take insurance from my country

    You might not want to do that. Let us explain why that won’t work. Most Canadian hospitals are connected with Canadian insurance companies. And the insurance companies know how the payment process works and the transaction would go through without any hassle. If you’re planning to go with a foreign insurance company, there is a chance of your claim being rejected and you would end up paying by yourself without any hope of reimbursements. If you have any queries, our team members at Canadian LIC would be more than happy to resolve them.

    The health conditions that are covered

    Super visa insurance covers a wide range of health conditions and you will always have the option to tailor the insurance plan as per your needs. While doing so, include a clause about your pre-existing health conditions. By doing this, if you’re visiting a physician for a health condition that you have, that expense would also come under coverage. Other than that, here’s a list of medical conditions that can be covered under this insurance policy:

    Even private nursing duties and child care can be included under coverage. You can find out more about what you can add to your contract by speaking with one of our representatives. Our services are available to clients across Ottawa.

    Are there any eligibility criteria?

    Like any other insurance policy, as an applicant, you will also have to meet some criteria to be eligible to apply for super visa insurance.

    If you meet the requirements above your visa insurance application should be processed without any issues. If something does come up, we will take care of it.

    Cost and factors

    After knowing all that is there before, you must be thinking about the costs of super visa insurance. Well, the average cost for a traveller who’s going to Canada for a year would be anywhere between $100 to $200. However, this varies a lot. For example, if a couple buys super visa insurance together, it would cost less. There are also several other factors that we take into consideration when we are writing your policy, but these factors evaluate differently and thereby, the prices can vary. These factors are:

    You can discuss your insurance needs with us and we will make sure that it is there on the paperwork when you sign on the dotted lines.

    What else do you get?

    What makes super visa insurance a very comprehensive insurance policy is that it offers much more than coverage for medical expenses. Suppose you don’t use your insurance coverage at all during your stay in Canada, then you would be eligible for a partial or sometimes a full refund. The renewal system is also easy if you want to extend your stay.

    Your children and/or grandchildren can apply for you.

    Yes, you read that right. If, for some reason, you’re not able to apply on your own, your family member living in Canada (children or grandchildren) can fill in the application on your behalf. The reason can be anything, it may be that you’re not that great with handling insurance policies, or you do not have the complete details on how to apply. Well, your dear ones can apply for you, but you can also get in touch with our insurance advisors at Canadian LIC for complete details on super visa insurance.


    This can be the situation if due to some emergency, you have to cancel your trip to Canada. You might be thinking that all the funds that you have poured into the application have gone down the drain; you would be wrong if you think that. When you apply for super visa insurance, know that your insurance policy only kicks in after a certain date. If you cancel before that date, you will be eligible to get a full refund only after showing that your parents or Grand parents didn’t get Super Visa. If you want to know more details on this matter, you can speak with one of our team members at Canadian LIC.

    Visa denied!

    At Canadian LIC, we understand that these things can happen. The visa process is very long and tedious and even the smallest of mistakes can lead to visa denial. Sometimes, it’s out of our hands as well, with the latest example being the travel restrictions due to Cocvid-19. If your visa does get denied, don’t worry, you will be getting a complete refund on your insurance (once you submit the proof of denial). A minor processing fee might be deducted from the overall amount paid.

    You can buy super visa insurance and save money

    You should remember that the super visa insurance will only start when a person lands in Canada; this generally coincides with a certain date. So, if you have purchased the policy at the time of applying for a visa with the Canadian High Commission, don’t forget to change the effective date of the policy if your scheduled arrival is before or after the effective date mentioned in the policy at the time of purchase. Ideally, you always mention the probable travel date as the effective date while buying the policy and it’s your responsibility to get the date amended.

    Take the following instance as an example, you can browse through important policy wording before purchasing to compare premiums, deductible options, benefit amounts, eligibility, claim process etc. in the policy wording. However, you won’t need to stress about this with Canadian LIC as we always try our best to provide you with a fair quote that you can be happy with.

    My parents are staying for less time than what they planned

    In this scenario, all you have to do is draft a mail to us with an explanation of the situation. If the super visa insurance is approved and the visitor is leaving before planned then the applicant, whether it’s you or your parents/ grandparents will be eligible for a refund. There is a condition- the insurance policy has to be claim-free till the leaving date ( a prorated refund is generally available.)

    Covid-19 benefits

    With the latest updates in travel policies, we have also updated our super visa insurance policy too. Right now, we have included COVID-19 treatment benefits under the coverage umbrella of our policy. This means all COVID related treatments expenses would be covered by Canadian LIC. What else do you want?

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