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Super Visa Insurance Monthly Plans

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Super Visa Insurance – Monthly Plans

Often people refrain from opting for super visa insurance for its expensive costs. Well, with a monthly plan, you can easily pay for your parents’ or grandparents’ super visa insurance without any hassle. The payment amount can be adjusted as per your financial situation. You can find out more about this matter when you contact Canadian LIC and ask for the monthly plan option for this policy. We will be more than happy to share all the detail with you. Schedule an appointment today.

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How does the super visa monthly plan work?

After choosing this plan initially, you would have to pay an administrative fee. It would act as a security deposit to cover the late two months of the coverage period. Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation of your insurance coverage, and then you can go ahead and apply for the visa.

In the next part, once the visa is approved and you confirm the exact arrival date of the insured person, you will have to get in touch with us to activate the insurance policy. At this time of activation, we will require 1 monthly premium for the coverage of the first actual month that the insured person is in Canada.

You should know that in case the super visa applicant is in Canada at the time of your application, then the policy has to be activated ASAP and an initial payment of three months premium plus the administration fee will have to be paid. This will cover the first and the last two months. Post that, regular monthly payments will be charged on the effective date till the insurance cost has been paid for in full.

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Why choose a monthly plan on super visa insurance

Other than the major reason that you can pay the cost of the super visa insurance policy over an extended period rather than paying everything at once, there are some additional reasons why you should choose a monthly plan for this policy”

Low Premiums

With a monthly plan, you will have access to low premiums, meaning that while you payback for the policy, you won’t have to worry too much about managing your monthly financial expenses.

Flexible Terms

With Canadian LIC, you will always have the choice of choosing the start date of the monthly plan, as well as the end date of the monthly plan. You will have the option to change the dates before the start of the coverage.


If, for some reason, the visa is not granted, then you will get a refund on your policy

Partial refunds

This option is beneficial if your parents or grandparents do not stay the entire term of the policy. During their stay, if there is no claim made, then a prorated refund would be available.

You can resolve any queries you may have by getting in touch with our team at Canadian LIC. They will be more than happy to resolve them.

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