Industrial Alliance Participating Life Insurance

Defining Participating Life Insurance

Participating Life Insurance provides the same benefits as permanent life insurance, including basic coverage such as cash surrender value, premium, and death benefits, and they are fully guaranteed. Additionally, you would also receive annual dividends.

Depending on your needs, the dividends can be applied to any one of the fours dividend options.
You will always have the freedom to modify the option you have selected.

Coverage that meets all your requirements

Defining iA PAR:
Simply put, it’s a type of insurance policy that ensures a tax-sheltered growth of your estate.
One of the main benefits is that you will be able to collect dividends that you may use to apply for and purchase paid-up insurance, increasing your death benefits and cash surrender value.
The Workings Behind Participating Life Insurance:
In Participating Life Insurance, the premiums for the minimum coverage, the death benefits, and the cash surrender value are entirely guaranteed. You can choose the policy period to be anywhere between 10, 20, or even 100 years. The amount can be paid depending on your choice inbetween the four available dividend options.

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It’s the Perfect Solution if you are:
A parent or grandparent who wishes to provide a solid financial foundation for their children and ensure their future insurability while still young and healthy.This insurance also offers long-term growth potential, as well as the option of paying your premiums early or having your premiums deducted from your annual returns.
If you’re a working professional, you might be able to take advantage of high-income growth and extra liquidity. You can maximize your long-term estate value to reduce the tax load on your estate and have access to liquidity from the cash surrender value. You can use this fund as your extra retirement income as well as for other projects.
If you are a business owner and are looking for a flexible permanent insurance policy with access to liquidity, this type of policy is apt for you. You can consider this as a reliable source of financial protection against the sudden loss of a key associate or to safeguard your company’s succession. Addition advantages also include privileged access to asset classes that are generally reserved for the institutional market.
You may have the chance to maximize your death benefits and the cash surrender value by paying your premium sooner (within 10 or 20 years). We also have a payable to 100 option available for anyone interested.
Age is a Factor
Payable 10 Years Payable 20 Years Payable up to 100 Years
Individual 0 to 85 years 0 to 85 years 0 to 75 years
Joint-last-to-die 15 to 85 years 15 to 85 years 15 to 85 years
* Here, you should know that the minimum age for both policyholders is 15 years, and the maximum period is mentioned above. The resulting equivalent age has to be lower than the maximum age indicated.

The Overall Purchasing Experience

At iA PAR, we always try to make the insurance processing matter as hassle-free as possible. You may get coverage of a million dollars by answering a few health-related questions, and you may qualify for instant acceptance with no medical tests.
*Disclaimer: Medical needs are not systematic for customers and policyholders aged between 18 to 50

Riders and Extra Benefits

In addition to the advantages that you already know about, here are some extra ones that are available to complement your insurance coverage:

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