Critical Illness And Disability Insurance

Several benefits of critical and Disability Insurance include:

Critical Illness Insurance

The policy offers financial support that you can use during the time you need to recover following a Critical Illness diagnosis.
It is ideal for anyone who

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Why is Critical Illness insurance?

The policy’s flexible coverage option guarantees the payment of tax-free funds which you can use for your treatment as well as daily expenses during the time of your illness. It will allow focusing more on recovery than worrying about your family’s financial stability especially if you are the sole breadwinner of the family and the illness had resulted in the loss of income.
Coverage that adapts to your needs
Transition- 25 illnesses
Complete coverage for your loved ones
One of our most popular products in this category- Transition- 25 illness offers the most comprehensive coverage for yourself and your loved ones when you need it the most.
The coverage and premiums are guaranteed for the selected term.
Transition- 4 illnesses
An affordable option
This is one of our most affordable policies and it offers coverage for 4 of the most frequent illnesses
If you choose a decreasing coverage (similar to your mortgage) you can help in lowering the cost of your insurance.


Offers coverage without a medical exam
As the name suggests, this policy offers coverage if the policyholder has been diagnosed with cancer, with the coverage term being anywhere between 10, 20 or even 25 years. The coverage amount can be up to $125,000. You can also tailor the policy with add-ons such as including premium repayment and Critical Illness insurance clauses.

Child Life and Health Duo

Two-for-one children’s coverage
The policy combines two essential protections for your children
The Critical Illness insurance premiums end when your child turns 30 but the whole life insurance remains in force till they are alive.

Kiddy plan (Free of cost)

Only for toddlers
This plan is specifically for children between two to five years of age and it provides free Critical Illness insurance for 12 months or a year. The pay-out is a lumpsum amount of $2000 if the child is diagnosed with a covered Critical Illness.

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A comparison of our Critical Illness insurance products

Transition - 25 illnesses Transition - 4 illnesses Cancer Guard Child life & Health Duo Kiddy Plan
Simple Questions about your health
Guaranteed premiums
Number of covered illnesses 25 illnesses and 5 juvenile illnesses 4 illnesses and 5 juvenile illnesses Most form of cancer 25 illnesses and 5 juvenile illnesses
Amount of Coverage Up to $2,500,000 Up to $2,500,000 Up to $150,000 Up to $500,000 Up to $2,000
Tax-free benefits
Disability and income insurance
Throughout the lifetime of the contract, the policy will provide you with a monthly income for the loss that you would incur due to a disability. In turn, you will be able to fulfil your financial commitments as well as pay for your treatment without worrying about finances.
This policy is perfect if:

Defining disability and income insurance

If you have to take a leave of absence from your work due to a disability, it can have a negative impact on your finances as well as your lifestyle. However, if you have Disability Insurance, it would provide you with a monthly payout to compensate your income and with the funds, you can manage your monthly and medical expenses.

An insurance policy that meets all your needs

Superior Program: A policy for all
Workers, salaried, self-employed
This plan offers accident coverage at all times no matter where they take place (home, work, gym just to name a few). You can get a monthly pay-out and the coverage can be for 2-5 years or till you are 65 years. You will have the option of renewing your insurance as well. The policy can be customized as per your needs and if you want to add overhead expenses coverage, we will be more than happy to include it in the paperwork.
Acci-Jet Program: Manual workers and active people
You can apply for this program without passing any medical exams and it offers coverage for accidents, muscle and ligament injuries and illnesses. You will get a monthly non-taxable pay-out and the coverage duration can be anywhere between 2-5 years or till the policyholder (you) turns 70. Similar to the Superior Program, this product can also be renewed. Also, you can add overhead expenses insurance coverage that will allow you to cover operating expenses for your company.
Universal Loan Insurance: repay your debts
This is ideal for anyone who has a large debt to clear but has suffered from a disability. In this event, the insurance company will make the monthly payments till your debts are cleared. The policy is available for tenants as well.
A comparison between income and Disability Insurance
Superior Program Acci-jet Program Universal Loan Insurance
Primary Coverage Your income Your income All your loans+rent
Age of eligibility 18-59 years old 18-69 years old 18-59 years old
Coverage up to age 65 years old 70 years old 65 years old
Coverage amount $500 to $10,000/month $500 to $6,000/month $300 to $5,000/month

Critical Illness insurance: Helping you achieve your financial goals

We understand how important your life goals are for you. Whether you want to purchase a property, go for a vacation, or start a family, you would want to achieve them. However, if you are diagnosed with a Critical Illness, a loss of income can become an obstacle between you and your dreams. This is where if you have Critical Illness insurance, you can have complete peace of mind when it comes to financial matters and you can focus more on recovery.
If you’re worried about expenses, you would be glad to know that we have Critical Illness insurance products suited for all types of budgets. You can choose our Transition-4 illnesses plan that offers coverage for 4 types of major Critical Illnesses and is also our most affordable product, to our comprehensive Transition- 25 illnesses plan that is more wholesome. Both plans have options in temporary and permanent coverage policies. You can make the coverage more affordable by applying for the policy at a young age.
Coming to the major advantage of Critical Illness insurance is, with this policy, you will never have to worry about financial issues if you are not able to work for the long term due to any Critical Illness. The policy will take care of your living expenses and also cover costs related to the illness.
A second opinion
When treating Critical Illnesses, it’s always better to get a second opinion and if you are a policyholder, the consultation would be free of cost. With a second opinion from a group of specialists, you can have complete peace of mind that your diagnosis and treatment are going as accurately as possible.
Compassionate care benefit
You may receive financial assistance corresponding to a percentage of your total coverage amount if you are diagnosed with one of the seven illnesses that are covered but are not life-threatening.
Protection for your children
You can purchase Critical Illness insurance for your children too. Once you purchase this policy, you will have the financial flexibility that you would need to stay with them when they are ill. Alongside major Critical Illnesses, the insurance also covers 5 juvenile diseases.
If you want to discover your Transition index which can help you decide what type of coverage would be ideal for you, you will have to answer five questions. The transition index can help you figure out the level of risk as well as show you the insurance coverage that best fits your situation. You can then get in touch with one of our experienced financial advisors to help you through the process. We can perform a complete analysis of your needs and advise what would be right for you.

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