Industrial Alliance Critical Illness And Disability Insurance

Critical Illness And Disability Insurance

Several benefits of critical and Disability Insurance include:

  • These policies offer financial assistance if the policyholder is diagnosed with a disability or a Critical Illness.

  • The insurance company will take care of your financial commitments while you can focus on recovery.

  • The policy can also cover treatment costs of your Critical Illness or disability.

  • It allows you to take time off from your work and recover from any ailment by providing financial support in compensation for the lost income.

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Critical Illness Insurance

The policy offers financial support that you can use during the time you need to recover following a Critical Illness diagnosis.

It is ideal for anyone who

  • Could work temporarily due to a Critical Illness and has additional expenses caused by the illness and thereby impacting finances and the standard of living.

Why is Critical Illness insurance?

The policy’s flexible coverage option guarantees the payment of tax-free funds which you can use for your treatment as well as daily expenses during the time of your illness. It will allow focusing more on recovery than worrying about your family’s financial stability especially if you are the sole breadwinner of the family and the illness had resulted in the loss of income.

  • Customizable: With this type of policy, you can directly play a role in drawing up a contract that meets all your needs and also doesn’t exceed your budget.

  • All-encompassing: The policy contract is designed to be all-in-one with added flexibility to meet the needs of the families, businesses and individuals

  • Reassuring: The insurance offers coverage for children of all ages as well and if you are a parent you would be relieved to know that the contract will allow you to take leave from your job to take care of your young one

Coverage that adapts to your needs

Transition- 25 illnesses

Complete coverage for your loved ones

One of our most popular products in this category- Transition- 25 illness offers the most comprehensive coverage for yourself and your loved ones when you need it the most.

The coverage and premiums are guaranteed for the selected term.

Transition- 4 illnesses

Coverage that adapts to your needs

Transition- 25 illnesses

An affordable option

This is one of our most affordable policies and it offers coverage for 4 of the most frequent illnesses

  • Cancer

  • Cerebrovascular accident

  • Heart attack

  • Bypass surgery

If you choose a decreasing coverage (similar to your mortgage) you can help in lowering the cost of your insurance.


Offers coverage without a medical exam

As the name suggests, this policy offers coverage if the policyholder has been diagnosed with cancer, with the coverage term being anywhere between 10, 20 or even 25 years. The coverage amount can be up to $125,000. You can also tailor the policy with add-ons such as including premium repayment and Critical Illness insurance clauses.

Child Life and Health Duo

Two-for-one children’s coverage

The policy combines two essential protections for your children

  • Whole life insurance

  • Term Critical Illness insurance

The Critical Illness insurance premiums end when your child turns 30 but the whole life insurance remains in force till they are alive.

Kiddy plan (Free of cost)

Only for toddlers

This plan is specifically for children between two to five years of age and it provides free Critical Illness insurance for 12 months or a year. The pay-out is a lumpsum amount of $2000 if the child is diagnosed with a covered Critical Illness.

A comparison of our Critical Illness insurance products

Transition - 25 illnesses Transition - 4 illnesses Cancer Guard Child life & Health Duo Kiddy Plan
Simple Questions about your health
Guaranteed premiums
Number of covered illnesses 25 illnesses and 5 juvenile illnesses 4 illnesses and 5 juvenile illnesses Most form of cancer 25 illnesses and 5 juvenile illnesses -
Amount of Coverage Up to $2,500,000 Up to $2,500,000 Up to $150,000 Up to $500,000 Up to $2,000
Tax-free benefits

Disability and income insurance

Throughout the lifetime of the contract, the policy will provide you with a monthly income for the loss that you would incur due to a disability. In turn, you will be able to fulfil your financial commitments as well as pay for your treatment without worrying about finances.

This policy is perfect if:

  • The policyholder has been in an accident or has been diagnosed with an illness that would not allow them to work for medium or a long term. In this matter, the policy will kick in and take care of all the expenses.

Defining disability and income insurance

If you have to take a leave of absence from your work due to a disability, it can have a negative impact on your finances as well as your lifestyle. However, if you have Disability Insurance, it would provide you with a monthly payout to compensate your income and with the funds, you can manage your monthly and medical expenses.

  • Extensive benefits: The compensation amount every month can be anywhere between $300 to $10,000 depending on the product you choose.

  • Flexible: You can choose from a wide range of additional coverages that can help you avoid any type of financial crisis.

  • Reassuring: This is an ideal policy for any self-employed individual, small-business owners and salaried Canadians

An insurance policy that meets all your needs

Superior Program: A policy for all

Workers, salaried, self-employed

This plan offers accident coverage at all times no matter where they take place (home, work, gym just to name a few). You can get a monthly pay-out and the coverage can be for 2-5 years or till you are 65 years. You will have the option of renewing your insurance as well. The policy can be customized as per your needs and if you want to add overhead expenses coverage, we will be more than happy to include it in the paperwork.

Acci-Jet Program: Manual workers and active people

You can apply for this program without passing any medical exams and it offers coverage for accidents, muscle and ligament injuries and illnesses. You will get a monthly non-taxable pay-out and the coverage duration can be anywhere between 2-5 years or till the policyholder (you) turns 70. Similar to the Superior Program, this product can also be renewed. Also, you can add overhead expenses insurance coverage that will allow you to cover operating expenses for your company.

Universal Loan Insurance: repay your debts

This is ideal for anyone who has a large debt to clear but has suffered from a disability. In this event, the insurance company will make the monthly payments till your debts are cleared. The policy is available for tenants as well.

A comparison between income and Disability Insurance

Superior Program Acci-jet Program Universal Loan Insurance
Primary Coverage Your income Your income All your loans+rent
Age of eligibility 18-59 years old 18-69 years old 18-59 years old
Coverage up to age 65 years old 70 years old 65 years old
Coverage amount $500 to $10,000/month $500 to $6,000/month $300 to $5,000/month

Critical Illness insurance: Helping you achieve your financial goals

We understand how important your life goals are for you. Whether you want to purchase a property, go for a vacation, or start a family, you would want to achieve them. However, if you are diagnosed with a Critical Illness, a loss of income can become an obstacle between you and your dreams. This is where if you have Critical Illness insurance, you can have complete peace of mind when it comes to financial matters and you can focus more on recovery.

If you’re worried about expenses, you would be glad to know that we have Critical Illness insurance products suited for all types of budgets. You can choose our Transition-4 illnesses plan that offers coverage for 4 types of major Critical Illnesses and is also our most affordable product, to our comprehensive Transition- 25 illnesses plan that is more wholesome. Both plans have options in temporary and permanent coverage policies. You can make the coverage more affordable by applying for the policy at a young age.

Coming to the major advantage of Critical Illness insurance is, with this policy, you will never have to worry about financial issues if you are not able to work for the long term due to any Critical Illness. The policy will take care of your living expenses and also cover costs related to the illness.

A second opinion

When treating Critical Illnesses, it’s always better to get a second opinion and if you are a policyholder, the consultation would be free of cost. With a second opinion from a group of specialists, you can have complete peace of mind that your diagnosis and treatment are going as accurately as possible.

Compassionate care benefit

You may receive financial assistance corresponding to a percentage of your total coverage amount if you are diagnosed with one of the seven illnesses that are covered but are not life-threatening.

Protection for your children

You can purchase Critical Illness insurance for your children too. Once you purchase this policy, you will have the financial flexibility that you would need to stay with them when they are ill. Alongside major Critical Illnesses, the insurance also covers 5 juvenile diseases.

If you want to discover your Transition index which can help you decide what type of coverage would be ideal for you, you will have to answer five questions. The transition index can help you figure out the level of risk as well as show you the insurance coverage that best fits your situation. You can then get in touch with one of our experienced financial advisors to help you through the process. We can perform a complete analysis of your needs and advise what would be right for you.

The many benefits of Critical Illness insurance

Being diagnosed with a Critical Illness not only takes a financial toll on you and your family, but it also takes a physical and emotional toll and it can directly have a negative impact on your recovery. Critical Illness insurance can help you with financial assistance during these challenging times, so you and your dear ones do not have to face a financial crisis and you can focus more on getting better.

Depending on your health, several factors can contribute to increasing the need for Critical Illness insurance. Some of these factors are:

  • If you are not enrolled in any Disability Insurance plan.

  • If you live in the country and have travelled to another place to receive medical care.

  • If you have young children in your family who depend on you.

  • If you are the only one in the family with an earning

With iA, you will have two complete Critical Illness products that you can choose from. One option covers a total of 25 Critical Illnesses and another affordable option covers 4 common Critical Illnesses with one of them being cancer.

If you’re worried about the process of application, it’s fairly simple. You will have to answer a few questions about your health and submit some documents; that’s it. Our team members will take care of the paperwork and the policy would be processed as quickly as possible. You will be a policyholder without any blood tests or diagnostic tests. Alongside easy processing, Critical Illness insurance will also allow you to get a second medical opinion from a group of specialists without any extra cost.

If you need help in choosing, you can always consult the Transition Index which has 5 easy questions that you would need to answer to get your index. The transition index can let you know the level of risk and help you choose the insurance coverage that is suitable for your requirements. Our financial advisor can help you through the process, we can do a complete review of your requirements and suggest an appropriate product for you.

Critical Illness insurance for your children

This product is apt for parents who need to take a leave of absence from work so they can take care of their children who have been diagnosed with a Critical Illness. The coverage amount can be used to pay for additional expenses that can include anything from treatment and prescription drug costs to travel expenses related to treatment. Without being worried about your finances, you can completely focus on your child’s recovery.

You can also benefit from the Kiddy Plan which is available for children between 2-5 years of age. The best part of the insurance is it's free of cost for 12 months. As a parent, you should think about Critical Illness Insurance when your child is young and in good health. Along side making sure that they get the best treatment without needing to be worried about expenses, the policy will also be more affordable because of the child’s age and health. You can get in touch with a financial advisor who can help you with all your queries and suggest the right coverage for you and your child’s needs.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider offering your savings as a gift

Offering your savings to fund education is a great way to show your love to your dear one. It shows that you care for their future. Here are some ways that you can surprise your loved ones:

  • Help them with their higher education: With an RESP account, you can help your children, grandchildren, nephews or nieces achieve their career goals by pursuing higher education while keeping debts under control. According to studies, one for every two graduates finishes graduation with a minimum of $17,500 in debt on average in Canada. With an RESP your dear ones can only concentrate on studies. You will be helping them undertake their careers with less financial burden. RESP comes with numerous advantages with one of them being the investments are tax-free income as long as the funds invested remain in the plan. You will also be glad to know that RESP accounts are also eligible for government grants that can grow over time.

  • Make them understand the benefits of savings: Starting a savings is a great way to keep funds aside for retirement or emergency. That’s why you should talk about saving with all the young ones and young adults of your family to make them understand why should they start saving at a young age. You can also open a savings account for your child and make the first deposit, afterwards they can continue and deposit some amount every week or month and start saving funds on their own. If you are the parent of a teenager who has got their first paycheck, you can make them commit to adding some money in a savings account every month. What matters here is you should demonstrate the benefits of saving and help them develop good practices in saving funds.

  • Open a TFSA account and help a dear one with their life plans: With a TFSA account, anyone who is more than 18 years old can start making tax-free savings with the added benefit of making non-taxable withdrawals at any time. If you gift a TFSA account to anyone, it is a great way to help them start a savings account for any of their life goals. These can be buying a property, a long trip, buying a car; a TFSA can help them achieve those goals.

You will have to keep in mind that a TFSA’s beneficiary doesn’t have to use the money as you would like them to use it. It will depend on them how they use the funds.

More ideas for financial gifts

Alongside savings, other financial gifts can include:

  • Critical Illness insurance: This can be a perfect gift for a child when they are young and healthy and the parent can take some time off to take care of their child if they fall ill. The policyholder can be the child once they are adults and can protect them for the rest of them by providing cash if there is a need.

  • Life insurance: With fully paid life insurance, your child will have guaranteed insurability if they are unable to purchase life insurance due to any health condition. The insurance can also act as a source of funds due to the cash surrender value depending on the product they choose.

  • A charitable cause: You will also have the option of bequeathing gifts in honour of someone who is close to you and who also participates in charitable causes. By doing this, you can show your support and try to make difference in the community.

If you want to gift a financial product or savings to somebody you care about but don’t know where to start, you can contact our financial advisors for help.

Make sure you get insurance for your child

Several of our accident insurance products are specifically available for children. Alongside offering coverage to take care of your family in the event of an accident, these policies also complement other insurance plans (public, group and private insurance). As parents, you would do everything for the health and safety of your young ones and with insurance, you can make sure they get the best treatment without worrying about funds.


The coverage for accident insurance for children can vary depending on the insurance company as well as a range of situations.

  • Loss of limbs or loss of usage of certain body parts such as fingers, toes, ears (hearing) eyes (sight)

  • Hospital and paramedical expenses due to an accident (Emergency transport, medication, prostheses, physiotherapy etc)

  • Accident or natural death

  • Childcare expenses

At iA Financial Group, we offer a complete accident coverage package called the Peek-a-Boo Plan*. The product is available for all parents free of cost and you can sign up during pregnancy or at any time before the baby’s first birthday. You can speak with a financial security advisor for more details or enrol in the plan by clicking on this link.

Critical insurance offers financial support for your life goals

All your life goals are equally important; whether it is buying a house or starting a family. However, you never know when you face a financial crisis even if you are very careful, it can be due to an accident or an illness or loss of job and during these times it might be very difficult for you to meet your financial commitments. An active Critical Illness insurance plan can help you avert this crisis and you can concentrate on recovery.

iA Financial Group offers two types of Critical Illness insurance policies that offer coverage for most life-threatening diseases and these plans have both temporary and permanent coverage. The most affordable plan offers coverage for 4 types of common Critical Illnesses while the other plan offers coverage for 25 types of Critical Illnesses. If you apply when you’re young and healthy the plans are more affordable as the premiums would be less.

It’s always a huge relief if you have some financial support when you are going through a difficult time. An insurance policy can give you complete peace of mind as you will know that you and your family can still maintain a standard quality of life despite a loss of income for an undetermined length of time. Without worrying about finances and treatment costs, you can focus all your energy on getting better.

  • A second medical opinion: If you have applied for Critical Illness insurance, you would be glad to know that these products include a second opinion. You will have the option to consult a group of specialists about your illness at no extra cost. With a second opinion, you can have the assurance that your diagnosis and treatment plan is accurate.

  • Compassionate care benefit: You will be eligible to receive financial assistance corresponding to a percentage of the total coverage amount if you’re diagnosed with one of seven non-life-threatening illnesses.

  • Coverage for children: This type of policy is also available for children and can give you the financial flexibility to take a leave of absence from your job and take care of your child when they are severely ill. Alongside Critical Illnesses, the coverage also includes 5 juvenile diseases.

  • To help you discover your Transition Index, you can answer five easy questions and then you can decide what type of coverage would be best for you. The transition index also helps you understand your level of risk and show an apt policy for your situation. Afterwards, a financial advisor can analyze your needs and assist you through the process of application.

Several advantages that come with Critical Illness

Being diagnosed with a Critical Illness takes a physical as well as an emotional toll; and if you are the sole provider of your family, it can put a lot of financial stress on your loved ones and in turn can have a negative impact on your recovery. However, if you’ve already applied for Critical Illness insurance and submitted a claim then you and your family will have the financial support to avoid any crisis. Several factors play a role in contributing to an increasing need for this type of policy. These elements make it so the financial impact of a life-threatening illness is even more:

  • If you are not enrolled in a Disability Insurance plan

  • If you live in the countryside and have to travel a lot to receive medical care

  • If you have children who depend on you

  • If you are the only one with an income in the family

Based on your budget and depending on your needs, you can choose one of our comprehensive plans, one of which covers four major Critical Illnesses, while the other covers 25 Critical Illnesses. There are no medical tests involved and you will only need to answer a couple of questions related to your health and you will be accepted quickly. With iA, you will not have to wait long to have the insurance policy that you need. Our critical insurance products also come with the added benefit of a second opinion consultation where a group of specialists will further diagnose your condition and create a treatment plan completely free of cost. You can consult the Transition index to help you choose. All you have to do is answer five simple questions to know your level of risk and choose a plan that meets your needs. Furthermore, a financial advisor can perform an analysis of your needs and help you in completing the process.

Accident insurance

Have a look at the importance of why you should have accident insurance:

  • Provide a coverage payment for all costs and expenses related to the accident

  • Offers you financial assistance while you recover

  • It is the perfect complement to government or group insurance plans

Peek-a-Boo Plan for children (free)

This plan is exclusively available for all children in Quebec who are aged between 15days to 12 months. It’s a free coverage plan for your baby in the event he or she gets into an accident and there is no obligation on your part. Also, you receive a free plus toy as a gift.

Understanding the Peek-a-Boo plan

It is a free insurance plan specifically designed for your newborn and is offered to all new parents.

And did we mention, it’s completely free!

Why should you opt for the Peek-a-Boo plan?

  • The policy for free insurance coverage for 12 months

  • Our gift to your child: The Trimini – a multi-use Quebec made creation

  • Virtual support from one of our team members without any extra charges

  • Financial support for your family so you can take care of your little one when it's needed the most

  • Hassle-free online enrolment with no medical exam or questionnaire

  • No obligation to purchase and no automatic renewals

  • New gift, 100% made in Quebec: The Trimini – a soft, comfortable and convertible cap/balaclava/neck warmer for your newborn.


Any infant who is aged between 15 days to 12 months and is a permanent resident of Quebec during the insurance coverage period is eligible for this policy. (The limit is of one accident insurance policy for one child)

The coverage length

The policy takes effect on the later of the following dates:

The 15th day from the child’s day of birth or the date of receipt of the Peek-a-Boo plan application form at the iA Financial Group head office. It is a 12-month coverage period and the insured infant is covered 24/7, at any place in the world.

The benefits of this policy

Maximum Benefit
A. Accidental Death
Accidental death $5,000
Accidental death while travelling on a public conveyance $15,000
B. Natural Death $2,500
C. Dismemberment or Loss of Use
Loss of two limbs, or loss of one limb and sight in one eye, or loss of sight in both eyes $50,000
Loss of hearing in both ears and loss of speech $50,000
Loss of hearing in both ears or loss of speech $25,000
Loss of one limb or loss of sight in one eye $12,500
Loss of hearing in one ear $3,000
Loss of fingers or toes (each finger or toe) $1,000
The maximum amount payable under this clause $50,000
D. Hospital and Paramedical Expenses Resulting from an Accident
Prescription drugs Included
Initial purchase (but not the replacement) of prosthesis/artificial limbs Max. $3,000
Initial purchase (but not the replacement) of a hearing aid Max. $500
Additional charge for a private or semi-private room Max. $55/day
Nursing care Included
Rental or purchase (but not the replacement) of orthopedic appliances Included
Treatment by a physiotherapist or chiropractor $15/visit, max. $180/year
Emergency transportation expenses Max. $1,000
Room and board for the person accompanying the insured $100/day, Max. $500
Maximum per accident $25,000
E. Hospitalization Allowance
Lump-sum benefit (payable starting the first night) $25/night, max. $1,000
F. Emergency Care Outside the Province of Residence
Physician services, hospital care and transportation by ambulance following an accident Max. $5,000
G. Child Care Expenses
Children under 18 years of age (injured insured child or other children of the parent or legal guardian) $10/hour, max. $100/year

The issued contract is the only official document binding on the parties.

This table shows the benefits offered by the Peek-a-Boo Plan. Certain restrictions and exclusions specific to these guarantees apply.


General Exclusions: No Benefits are payable for:

The treatment and care provided by a person related to the policyholder (except for the cost of transportation). The coordination of benefits for the dental, hospital, paramedical, and emergency care costs.

The policyholder has to submit claims for reimbursements first to other plans (public and private group insurance plans) before applying for a claim under this policy. iA Financial Group’s liability is limited to the portion of expenses not reimbursed by the other policies.

Coming to public plans, iA Financial Group’s liability is restricted to the portion of costs that exceeds the expenses reimbursable by these public plans, whether or not they are reimbursed.


For your entire family,Provides your family with a safety net against accident-related expenses.You have the option to insure more than four people under the same policy, if you do, you can get a 10% discount.

Why choose Accifamily?

  • Offers coverage for your family 24/7, 365 days a year in the event of an accident

  • Comes with death benefits, dismemberment, loss of use as well as accidental fracture

  • This policy complements the insurance provided by your employer as well as the public plans and offers coverage for unexpected accident-related expenses

  • The application process for this policy is straightforward and there is no questionnaire nor any medical exam. All your family members including you are automatically eligible for Accifamily if all are permanent residents of Canada and are between 15 to 75 years old.

Who can enroll for Accifamily and enjoy its benefits?

  • Family: This policy offers coverage for all family members, that includes: children, parents, as well as grandparents; it’s simple and affordable accident insurance.

  • Retirees: Whether you’re already retired or approaching the age of retirement, you can enroll in this policy (anyone under 75 years of age can enroll). This policy offers 24/7 coverage no matter where you are on this planet

  • Graduates and young workers: Those who are of age and are ready to move into a new apartment, Accifamily can offer coverage for all unexpected accident-related expenses.


Anyone who is between 15days to 75 years old and is a permanent resident of Canada during the coverage period and whose name appears on the application form sent to the iA Financial Group Head Office is eligible to be insured under this policy. It should be noted that the applicant should be of legal age in his/her province of residence. Any children during the coverage period will also be covered free of charge from their 15th day of life to the end of the coverage term.

Coverage period

The contract takes effect retroactively on the latest of the following dates:

  • Receiving date of the application at the iA Financial Group head office

  • Date of when the applicant opted for the policy over the phone

  • Date of premium payment specified by the applicant

As long the total premium is paid within 15 days of the application.

All the beneficiaries will appear in the contract and are covered from the beginning date when the premium was paid, until the expiry date of the period chosen by the applicant.The policyholders are covered 24/7 across the world.


BASIC option Maximum Option
School vehicle or public transportation $15,000 $60,000
Other circumstances (25 years or over) $10,000 $40,000
Other circumstances (under 25 years) $5,000 $20,000
BASIC option Maximum Option
Children from 15 days to 17 years of age and students under 25 years of age $2,500 $10,000
BASIC option Maximum Option
Of two limbs, or one limb and sight in one eye or both eyes $50,000 $200,000
Of hearing in both ears and loss of speech $50,000 $200,000
Of hearing in both ears or loss of speech $25,000 $100,000
Of one limb or sight in one eye $12,500 $50,000
Of hearing in one ear $3,000 $12,000
Of finger or toe (completely severed) $1,000 $4,000
Maximum Amount Payable Under This Clause $50,000 $200,000
BASIC option Maximum Option
Of the skull, with the depressed skull; spine, with displaced vertebrae; pelvis $250 $1,000
A bone not listed above $50 $200
Up to
Reorientation costs $3,000
Remedial classes ($10/hour) $1,000
Up to
Purchase of a prosthetic device (artificial limb) $3,000
The initial purchase of a hearing aid $500
Private or semi-private room $55/day
Medication and nursing care Included
Rental (or purchase) of crutches, orthopedic devices, or a wheelchair Included
Treatment by a physiotherapist, chiropractor, occupational therapist, podiatrist, osteopath, audiologist, or speech therapist ($15/visit) $180
Emergency transportation expenses $1,000
Room and board for a person accompanying the insured ($100/day) $500
Repair or replacement of glasses or damaged contact lenses $100
Maximum Per Accident $25,000
Up to
Services provided by a physician, hospital care, and transportation by ambulance following an accident $5,000
Up to
Per damaged tooth $300
Dental prosthesis (replacement or repair) $250
Up to
Lump-sum payment (payable starting on the first night, $25/night) $1,000
Up to
Day surgery $50
Each night spent in hospital ($50/night) $500
Up to
Injured insured child or other children of the parent or legal guardian ($10/hour) $100
Up to
Return transportation expenses between home and the educational institution ($10/day) $100

This page summarizes the benefits of the Accifamily plan, which is individual insurance. These guarantees come with certain specific restrictions and exclusions. The issued contract is the only official document binding the parties.


The death of the policyholder by suicide. If the policyholder passes away because of suicide, and the insurance has been in force with the company for the two continuous years without any interruption, an amount equal to this benefit is payable. In such scenario, any increase in the face amount from the purchase of the MACCIMUM option is subject to an exclusion period of the two continuous years of insurance.

The policyholder passing away from natural illness, for which they have consulted a physician or received medical treatments in the 12 months preceding the effective date of the contract and also if the insurance was covered by a similar accident insurance contract issued by the company, the payable benefit is then the lower amount of the benefit under the policy contract and the benefit of the similar contract.

Death, losses, disability, fractures, or costs arising from the following situations:

  • Voluntary dismemberment, self-inflicted injury, attempted suicide, whether or not the insured was conscious of their actions

  • Poisoning, gas inhalation, voluntary absorption of drugs, or medication unless these are prescribed by a physician

  • The policyholder being under the influence of alcohol (80 milligrams per 100 millilitres of blood) or drugs

  • The insured was under the influence of alcohol while driving a motor vehicle

  • The policyholder was driving a motor vehicle over the legal speed limit or without a license, proof or certificate of competency required by law

  • A criminal act that the insured committed, or participating in a riot or a demonstration against public order, a military operation, war, act of terrorism etc

  • Attempted flight or flight onboard a plane or any other aircraft of the policyholder is a part of the crew or performs any functions related to the flights participating in sporting events or acrobatics for which the insurance holder paid for, racing motor vehicles, playing contact football as a member of a team in competitive league at college or university level or if they paid for this activity, scuba parachuting, diving, hang gliding, competitive downhill skiing, mountain climbing or bungee jumping

  • Care of treatment provided by a member of the policyholder's immediate family (except for transport expenses)

  • Usage of an orthopaedic device to practise sporting activities

  • Costs incurred for magnetic resonance imaging tests, X-rays and costs incurred at any private clinic

  • For policyholders who are above age 65 at the time of the accident, the benefits for dismemberment, loss of use or an accidental fracture correspond to 50% of the indicated amount

  • When an insurance holder is covered by several accident insurance policies issued by the company, they will only receive the benefits payable under the most advantageous plans for applicant. The company reimburses the premiums paid for other policies for this insured for the previous year only.

  • Coordination of benefits for a dental, paramedical, hospital as well as emergency care services.

  • The insurance holder should always submit claims for reimbursement first to other plans (public, private or group insurance plans) before filing a claim under this policy. The company's responsibility is limited to the part of costs not reimbursed by other policies.

As for public plans, the company's responsibility is limited to the part of costs that exceed the costs that are reimbursable by these public plans, whether or not they are reimbursed.

Acci 7 Plus

No hassle of any medical exam, this is for everyone.Acci 7 Plus offers tailored accident coverage plans for an entire family, up to the age of 80. The plan is affordable, customizable, and accessible and can always be adapted to your needs. The policy offer five separate coverage and can be purchased together or separately, starting at $7 every month, which makes it a total solution at your fingertips!

A comparison between our accident insurance products

Peek-A-Boo Plan Accifamily Acci 7 PLUS
Age of eligibility 15 days 15 days 0 Years
Coverage up to age… 12 months 75 years 80 years
Coverage amount  Up to $50,000 Up to $50,000 Up to $1,400/month
(Mutilation or loss of use) (Mutilation or loss of use) (disability)


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