What International Students Need to Know About Canadian Healthcare

What International Students Need to Know About Canadian Healthcare

The country of Canada prides itself on providing its residents with free healthcare. A majority of these healthcare services are only available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. If you are an international student, you must arrange for health insurance for the duration of your course. The Canadian healthcare system varies from province to province. International students pursuing higher education in the country must be aware of their province’s various health insurance plans. A majority of the provinces require students to register for private health insurance when studying in educational institutions in their province.

Education institutions in certain provinces offer health insurance packages to international students making it stress-free for them. In some instances, schools or colleges will require international students to register compulsorily for their student health insurance packages. At the same time, other institutions offer the choice for students to opt-out of their insurance packages if the international student provides proof that they are receiving health insurance from a different source. Regardless of the source, all schools and colleges are familiar with the health insurance requirements for international students. Contact the college or university, or visit their official website to see if they have a health insurance plan available for international students.

Conduct a thorough research

A student of foreign descent should do thorough research on the availability of health insurance plans in the Canadian province their educational institution is present. It is mandatory by Canadian law for international students to procure health insurance for the entirety of their stay in the country. A few provinces offer local health insurance coverage to students either for free or for a premium.

Reasonable access to quality medical care

Canadian citizens and permanent residents have reasonable access to medical care without shelling out a large sum of their income from their own pocket. While universal healthcare is mandated at the federal level, every province and territory has its healthcare programs, so the coverage varies depending on where they reside. The healthcare offered to all Canadian citizens by the government covers only basic medical needs. Those living in Canada who do not have medical insurance must pay for medical services from their pocket unless they have private health insurance.

Most immigration programs require temporary residents, including international students, to obtain private health insurance during their stay in Canada. International students have a variety of options:

  • They have the opportunity to procure health insurance from a private company
  • If they pursue higher education in Canada, they can register for insurance through their school or university.

In case of an emergency, all Canadian provinces and territories will provide free medical services if a patient does not have a government health card in their possession. However, there will be certain restrictions depending on the immigration status of the individual.

Why is it crucial for international students to have health insurance?

It is required by law that all international students studying in Canada should have health insurance. Under the provincial plan for most regions, they will provide international students with health coverage, but most do not. All Canadian territories and provinces offer free emergency healthcare for students who do not have a government health card, but these services are restricted.

It can be a costly affair if you do not possess health insurance and are not eligible for health care. You may be required only to pay CAD 120 to see a doctor at a walk-in clinic with insurance. If you do not have a health insurance plan, you can pay a bill upwards of CAD 1,000 for an emergency room visit and CAD 3,700 for acute care in a standard ward. You will be required to pay for your medical expenses upfront wherever you go for treatment. No individual wishes to fall ill, but in the unfortunate event you do fall sick, you can end up spending thousands of dollars for a medical emergency.

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