Guide to International Student Insurance

Canada is a desirable destination for higher education. Thousands of international students visit the country to pursue their education, as the tuition fees and living costs are generally lower. A massive influx of international students visiting Canada to study is due to a government strategy to bring in more educated, skilled workers to the Canadian university & Economic system.

Canada is widely known throughout the world for its top-quality government national healthcare system. Healthcare is available to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents only. If you are an International Student, you are not eligible for government healthcare, and you must purchase private health insurance for the duration of your program.

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Choosing the right international student insurance plan is a stressful task because it has to meet the requirements of the country and the school. It is crucial that you weigh up your options before making a well-informed purchase. Ideally, most universities provide international students with a health insurance plan; if not, Canadian LIC offers International Students a range of health insurance coverages to suit their budget and needs. For further information or inquiries, please do not hesitate to give our team a call. We are based in Brampton.

The healthcare system in Canada varies from province to province. International Students must familiarize themselves with the country’s healthcare system of the province their university is located at. A few universities in certain regions do not cover international students under the healthcare plans of the province, but most provinces require international students to purchase private insurance plans. Schools and universities may allow international students to opt-out of their student health insurance plan if they can prove they have purchased private insurance from a different source. Regardless, all educational institutions in Canada are aware of the health insurance requirements for foreign students.

Avoid paying medical expenses from your pocket

As an international student studying in a Canadian College & University, it is imperative that you are insured; if not, you will end up paying medical expenses from your own pocket. The health insurance plan varies from province to province. As a matter of fact, most immigration programs require international residents to purchase private health insurance for the duration of their study in Canada. In the event of a medical emergency, all territories and provinces will provide free healthcare services even if the student does not possess a government health card but then they have to pay heavy bills.

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International students considering pursuing their higher education in Canada should consult with a reputable Canadian LIC health insurance provider to find out information on the policy coverage for the entirety of their stay in the country. For an international student to be insured from primary medical care, Students must purchase a private health plan to cover various illnesses and their medical expenses.

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