Plan a more stable and secure retirement.An annuity is a binding contract made with an insurance company where you give you a sum of money in return; they pay you a regular income.
SSQ Insurance Offers Three Types Of Annuities:​
Life Annuity
This annuity guarantees an income for your entire lifetime. The amount received on the life annuity depends on several factors and the options you had selected when you signed the contract.
Term Certain Annuity
It is payable for a stipulated period. The annuity amount depends on the duration period selected. During this period, any annuity payments made to you and your beneficiaries are guaranteed.
Fixed Capital Annuity
It is a contract where the annuity payments match the interest generated by the capital. It is payable for a stipulated period. Before the annuity comes to an end, you have the option to renew or reimburse the money based on your request.

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