MSH International Super Visa Insurance

Are you planning to visit your family or friends for a short period? Or are you planning to immigrate to the country for work? Whatever your reasons, you must be aware of the Canadian healthcare system and the expensive medical costs if you are not insured.

Super Visa Insurance

According to the Canadian Tourism Commission, over 17 million visitors visit Canada each year. Every one of them must have health insurance from a Canadian health insurance company like Canadian LIC to protect them against rising medical costs of the country.

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Super Visa Insurance criteria

Permanent residents of the country or Canadian citizens can apply for Super Visa Insurance for their parents and grandparents to stay with them for up to two years. To ensure their application is approved, they must provide the following:

  • Proof of purchase of travel insurance from a Canadian insurance company to take care of their hospitalization, including repatriation for a one-year minimum.

  • Minimum health coverage should be CAD 100,000.

MSH International Super Visa Insurance

Keeping the rising costs of medical expenses in the country, MSH International has designed a Super Visa Insurance policy for a wide selection of travelling visitors such as Super Visa applicants, international students, working professionals, new immigrants, and returning Canadians. This insurance plan offers the best complete coverage options to all demographics. Below-mentioned is features of MSH International Super Visa Insurance:

  • Affordable rates.

  • The coverage limit is high.

  • Additional deductible options

  • For family plans, age limits are high.

  • Complete non-emergency care and wellness benefits.

The country opens its doors to visitors from across the globe. Still, it will take care of their medical expenses, so before you visit Canada, ensure you have a decent enough understanding of the country’s travel insurance policies. Suppose you are still unsure of the MSH International Super Visa Insurance plan or wish to find out more details about our insurance policies. In that case, our professional and friendly team is available to answer any queries you may have and provide you with an estimate.

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Advantages of MSH International Super Visa Insurance:

  • For holders of Super Visa Insurance or visitors visiting Canada having purchased health coverage from a Canadian insurance company for one year, this plan offers a range of benefits such as coverage on regular doctor’s appointments etc.

  • Reasonably priced rates for visitors aged between 60 – 70 years.

  • A wide range of deductible options is available at affordable costs.

  • For travellers under the age of 71, pre-existing medical conditions are covered.

  • The minimum coverage option available is CAD 1 million.

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Visitors must be aware that medical insurance plans from their country of origin may not cover medical costs in Canada. Territories and provinces in the country do not protect non-resident visitors medically. So, if you are planning a trip to Canada or want to visit your children or grandchildren, Canadian LIC can help you with all your Super Visa Insurance needs. We are based in Brampton and offer our services to customers throughout the country. To find out more about MSH International Super Visa Insurance, call at 416-543-9000 today.


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