Industrial Alliance Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

With an RRSP, you can save for your retirement while saving on your taxes annually, which you make contributions to. According to Statistics Canada, for families with higher tax brackets (higher incomes), starting to contribute in an RRSP will be more profitable than a TFSA and should be maximized first.

Industrial Alliance Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

Discover the benefits of an RRSP

Grow your savings tax-free: your contributions towards the RRSP account and the earnings they create are not taxed as far as they stay in the account.

The contributions are deducted in full from your taxable income, which entitles you to tax refunds.

The accumulated sums can be used for retirement, buy or build a home, thanks to the Home Buyers' Plan, or pay for your education if you go back to school thanks to the Lifelong Learning Plan.

Choose iA for your RRSP

If you choose iA for your RRSP, you're choosing one of Canada's leaders in segregated funds since 2016. You’re investing with peace of mind. We also offer several other investment products:

  • Guaranteed interest funds with a fixed, guaranteed interest rate

  • Daily interest fund, where the interest accumulates every day and is paid monthly

  • Mutual funds that fluctuate according to the market value of investment securities

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RRSP contribution limits

You can contribute up to 18% of your pay or a proper cutoff on the off chance that you have a higher pay. Unused commitment room can be conveyed forward a seemingly endless amount of many years.

How can you maximize your RRSP contributions?

You can use the RRSP loan, which is a brilliant strategy to help you grow your savings.

How does the RESP work?


You begin saving right off the bat in your kid's enrolled schooling reserve funds plan (RESP) and exploit liberal government awards..


Your regular contributions and grants generate interest. Your registered education savings plan (RESP) grows tax-free.


Your commitments are gotten back to you to subsidize your kid's schooling. Your kid gets the awards and the complete interest from the enrolled schooling reserve funds plan (RESP).

How can I accumulate more?

The Government of Canada and some commonplace governments give yearly awards dependent on the amount you add to your youngster's RESP; this has been done to encourage education savings. Joined with your standard commitments, this liberal government help kept in your RESP gives a critical lift to your investment funds.

Based on your family income, you may be eligible for an additional grant as well. All your investments, pensions and interest grow tax-free until withdrawal.

Grants offered by the federal government Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) Canada Learning Bond (CLB)
Annual grant(% of contributions) 20% Limit of $2,000 per child for eligible families
Annual limit(per child) $500
Lifetime maximum(per child) $7,200
Additional grant(% of contributions) 10% or 20% of the first $500 invested each year
Grants offered by provincial governments Quebec Education Savings Incentive (QESI) Saskatchewan Advantage Grant for Education Savings (SAGES)* British Columbia Training and Education Savings Grant (BCTESG)
Annual grant(% of contributions) 10% 10% Single payment of $1,200 (Lifetime maximum)
Yearly limit(per child) $250 $250
Lifetime maximum(per child) $3,600 $4,500
Additional grant(% of contributions) 10% or 20% of the first $500 invested each year -

*SAGES payments are temporarily suspended effective January 1, 2018.

Put accomplishment inside your youngster's range.

At the point when your youngster begins post-auxiliary schooling, you recuperate the sums you contributed at the speed you pick. You don't pay any duties on the charges got back to you. Your youngster gets the awards and premium created on the absolute equilibrium of the RESP account through Educational Assistance Payment (EAP). Since understudies for the most part have a lower charge rate, the duty bill to pay on EAPs is regularly negligible.

On the off chance that your youngster doesn't seek after post-auxiliary training, you can:

  • Assign one more youngster in the family

  • Pull out your unique commitments tax-exempt

  • Move your aggregated speculation pay to your RRSP under specific conditions

Choosing to invest in an RESP at iA Financial Group is choosing security. Depending on your choice of investments, it's likewise an assurance that the sums saved in the RESP will be completely accessible when your youngster needs them.

Pick what's best for your youngster's future: put resources into a RESP


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