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Whole Life Insurance is a participating product, meaning; it has the potential for dividends. These dividends can build additional cash value by being left on deposit to gather interest, reduce premiums, or be paid in cash.

Advantage Plus Whole Life Insurance

Advantage Plus Whole Life Insurance is a participating product, meaning; it has the potential for dividends. These dividends can build additional cash value by being left on deposit to gather interest, reduce premiums, or be paid in cash.

Product Overview:

Advantage Plus Whole Life Insurance from Foresters offers individuals a wide range of appealing options and benefits, the ability to adjust to meet changing needs, and the chance to contribute to a registered charity of your choice with our 'Charity Benefit provision.

In the event of the untimely death of your dear ones, Advantage Plus Whole Life Insurance provides a tax-free death benefit to safeguard their financial needs. Additionally, the cash value of your Advantage Plus Whole Life Insurance policy grows over time. It can be accessed by the beneficiary either by withdrawing money by requesting a certificate loan or directly from the certificate.

As Advantage Plus is a participating product, it provides policyholders with the opportunity to earn dividends. Depending on which option you choose, these dividends can be:

  • Used to contribute growth in cash value.

  • Used to purchase additional insurance added to the death benefit.

  • Used to pay out premiums.

  • Paid in cash.

  • Left as a deposit to earn interest.

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Benefits and Features of Advantage Plus Whole Life Insurance:

Paying Periods of the Premium

You have the freedom to select the premium paying period that suits your convenience. From 10 years, 20 years, or the life of the certificate.

Dividend options

As a policyholder, you are entitled to receive dividends when Foresters declares them. The following dividend options are available at issue:

  • Paid-up additional insurance

  • Dividends on deposit

  • Premium reduction

  • Cash payment

  • Enhanced insurance

Charity Benefit Provision

Advantage Plus, Whole Life Insurance includes a 'Charity Benefit' provision so you can donate to a registered charity of your choosing. This contractual provision does not impact your death benefit and is automatically included at no additional premium. Foresters will contribute an extra 1% of the basic insurance amount (up to $100,000) when the beneficiaries claim.

Children's Insurance Benefit

For example, Advantage Plus, Whole Life Insurance includes a built-in Children's Insurance benefit that pays $3,000 in term insurance for each covered kid until they reach 25. The $3,000 in term insurance may be changed to permanent insurance under certain circumstances. An additional $7,000 of permanent coverage for that child can be purchased without giving any extra documentation.

Juvenile Guaranteed Insurability Benefit

If the primary life insured is under 18 when the Advantage Plus whole life certificate is issued, the Juvenile Guaranteed Insurability Benefit allows the policyholder to acquire additional insurance on specific dates without further proving insurability.

Quit Smoking Incentive Plan

With the Quit Smoking Incentive Plan, smokers will automatically benefit from a 2-year premium reduction. If the primary insured individual is at least 16 years old and is a 'Smoker,' the individual will be imposed with non-smoker premiums for the first two certificate years. If the owner provides proof of the covered person's smoking habit before the second certificate anniversary, the cheaper premiums will be maintained.

Expert Medical Opinion Program

The covered person may be eligible for free access to Advance Medical's Expert Medical Opinion Program. This program may also protect the insured's dependent children under 18, spouse, or domestic partner. In addition, this program provides a second opinion on medical issues from some of the world's leading professionals.

Advantage Plus Whole Life Insurance Offers Several Optional Riders, including:

  • Option to additionally purchase or increase coverage and add additional cash value.

  • Needs for a specific period include a mortgage covered for Term 10, Term 20, and Term 30 riders.

  • The Children's Term Insurance Rider is a cost-effective solution to extend coverage and safeguard children against future uninsurability.

  • Accidental Death Rider can be used to pay other expenses for a limited time, such as a mortgage.

  • It guaranteed Insurability Rider to purchase extra coverage without providing further evidence.

  • If the insured becomes disabled and unable to work, the Waiver Premium Rider allows the insured to maintain policy coverage.


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