When Is Whole Life Insurance a Good Investment Strategy?

whole life insurance

Under whole life insurance first

Well, before we get into the nitty-gritty of the matter, you have to understand what whole life insurance is. Often also referred to as permanent life insurance, this type of insurance is exactly what it says. The policy offers insurance coverage till you the day you die given that you keep on paying the monthly premiums.

A major feature of a whole life insurance plan is, there is a cash component value to it. If after some years you are not able to pay the premium amounts, the premiums that you have paid would be used to pay the monthly premium amount. This saves you from the headache of losing your insurance coverage.

Coming to the benefits, whole life insurance has a whole list of them. Some are mentioned below:

  • You will have guaranteed return on the money
  • The premium rates are fixed
  • The cash value that builds up when you pay your premiums can be withdrawn before

You can find out more about whole life insurance by getting in touch with Canadian LIC.

When does whole life insurance make sense?

Applying for whole life insurance sometimes can be an expensive option as you will have to pay the premiums throughout your life. However, in some instances, whole life insurance can be beneficial.

  • If you have a child with special needs, taking up whole life insurance will ensure that he or she will have plenty of financial resources throughout life no matter what.
  • If you have millions of dollars in estate taxes, then you can use whole life insurance to preserve money when it’s passed on to your family members.
  • If all your tax-sheltered accounts have maxed out, and you still want to save more for your retirement, then a whole life insurance policy can be used as a saving vehicle. It has a cash component that will only build up over the course of time.

In the mentioned scenarios, whole life insurance may look like a good option but we advise you to get in touch with financial advisors for a better decision based on your requirements. Contact Canadian LIC and schedule an appointment today.