What is Super Visa Insurance for visitors to Canada?

supervisa insurance

What are the details needed?

This means grandma and grandpa can stay for thanksgiving and Christmas. An added benefit is, you won’t have to worry about short visa renewal deadlines. For further details about Super Visa Insurance, contact. Canadian LIC.
Before you apply for Super Visa Insurance on your parents behalf (yes, you can do that), you will have to submit some details about your parents or grandparents. Have a look at the list below, so you can gather all the information before you sit for filling up the form.

  • The purpose of the visit to Canada of your parents/ grandparents
  • If they have medical insurance from a Canadian company and with a coverage of
    $100,000 for at least a year
  • Status of their home country; if it’s socio-economically stable
  • You parent’s or grandparent’s relationship with their home country; whether they are
    not trying to seek permanent resident ship in Canada.
  • If they are admissible in Canada
  • Passing certificate for the immigration medical test.

You also need to submit some details

Alongside submitting details of your parents or grandparents, you will also need to submit the following to complete the whole documentation process. Have a look at the list below:

  • Proof of Canadian citizenship
  • Proof of employment in Canada with joining date
  • Proof of a stable income with bank statements, tax statements and pay stubs. This is done to ensure that you can support your family members financially when they come.
  • Proof of medical insurance

You will also have to draft a formal invitation letter and then submit all the details with that letter for processing. Once everything is completed, your parents or grandparents will have to visit the Canadian embassy on a given date for the final formalities.

Why is it necessary to get medical insurance from a Canadian agency?

Well, it’s simple; it’s because most Canadian insurance companies have a direct billing connection with most of the hospitals in the country. If your dear ones are insured with a Canadian agency, medical processing fee won’t take that much time at all. Also, if they are insured by an agency from another country, the claim could be repudiated. You buy the insurance for only one year and you have to renew it every year. Apply today and spend some much-needed quality time with your family members. Contact Canadian LIC for further details or schedule an appointment.