Why should you choose a loan protection plan?

loan protection plan
The key features of a loan protection plan can be summed up to three important points:

  • It is a type of insurance policy that covers debt payments in case the insured is not able to pay off due to sickness or injury
  • The reason can be anything from being disabled, severely ill, or loss of a job, all is covered.
  • The cost for a loan protection plan can vary as many factors such as age, health and outstanding debt plays a role.

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How does it work?

Loan protection plans can be short term to long term coverage up to age 65. Anyone between the ages of 18-54(who are working) can opt for this plan. There is one criterion which is that the purchaser has to be working a minimum of 21 hours per week on a long term contract or be self-employed for a specified period of time.

The advantages of a loan protection plan

  • It helps you maintain your current credit score, as the policy enables you to be up-to- date with your loan payments.
  • You won’t have to worry about paying extra in terms of penalty payments

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