What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical Illness Insurance is an emergency fund you can use if you or your dear ones become seriously ill. Every week, hundreds and thousands of Canadians experience a medical event that changes their lives completely. It is easy to think it will never happen to you, but life is uncertain, and one must be financially ready to take care of unforeseen medical expenses. If you are diagnosed with a severe illness covered in the insurance policy, you are entitled to receive a lump sum amount. You may use this lump sum amount to:
Critical Illness Insurance lets the policy owner focus on recovery rather than stressing about the finances. You would be surprised; it is more inexpensive than you might think. At Foresters, we offer individuals two Critical Illness Insurance plans:
There is no annual fee charged, and both plans are designed keeping affordability in mind. Over time these policies can significantly add up to your savings.

Benefits and Features of Critical Illness Insurance policy

Whether it is ten years, 20 years, or up to the age of 80, Live Well and Live Well Plus gives you the flexibility to choose the term that best suits your personal needs and budget.
Foresters Critical Illness Insurance policies come with valuable built-in features for no additional premium, including:

Non-Life-Threatening Illness Benefit

In the event of a non-life-threatening illness, you will receive 15% of your benefit, up to $50,000.

Return of Premium at Death

If the policy owner dies without receiving a benefit, the premium will be refunded.

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Defined Conditions Covered under these Critical Illnesses Policies

1. Live Well:
2. Live Well Plus
Illnesses covered under the Live Well Plus policy:
Exchange Privilege:
Expert Medical Program Opinion:
Owners of the Live Well and Live Well Plus policy and their family members may be qualified to access Advance Medical’s Expert Medical Opinion Program for no additional premium. This program offers an authoritative second opinion on medical issues from some of the world’s leading medical experts.
Return of Premium on Surrender or Expiry
If you have not claimed policy expiry, you may surrender the policy and receive a return of premiums equalling the period from the rider date to the policy expiry date, minus any payments made for the Juvenile Critical Illness Insurance Rider as defined.
Juvenile Critical Illness Insurance Rider
This insurance rider provides critical illness coverage to children up to the age of 17. The conditions covered in this insurance rider are:
The rider is convertible without providing any additional evidence to any critical illness product offered by Foresters at that time for conversion. The rider may be converted after the insured child’s 18th birthday but no later than the insured child’s 25th birthday.

Disability Waiver of Premium

Your monthly premiums will be waived if you have been disabled for at least six months. As long as the policy exists, the rider will remain in effect until the insured becomes 65 years old.

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