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Insurance Broker Toronto

We have all been advised to buy insurance at least once in our lives. But we often find ourselves wondering what type of insurance to purchase, why we need it and for how long.

What do insurance brokers do?

An insurance broker is essentially an intermediary between you and an insurance provider. With an in-depth knowledge of your requirements and the products and services available on the market, they can help you find a policy that is most appropriate to your financial needs.

An insurance broker, unlike an insurance agent, not just sells, but also solicits and negotiates insurance plans on your behalf. A broker also works independently, which in turn allows them to offer you a variety of options for insurance products and services. They take up the higher responsibility of helping you find the best financial product that best suits your needs.

If you are looking to get a new insurance policy or with to ensure that the policy you currently have best suits your interests, then you should consider consulting Canadian L.I.C in registered insurance broker, Toronto. We can help you find the best insurance products and services in Toronto.

Why do you need an insurance broker?

An insurance broker acts on your behalf to help you find the most suitable insurance products and services. They can:

  • Help you with assessing and managing your risks.
  • Offer advice on insurance solutions that fit your needs.
  • Help you arrange, acquire and maintain insurance best suited with appropriate planning.
  • Act as your representative in settlement of any claim that may be made by you under your insurance.

What services do insurance brokers offer?

Insurance brokers can offer you a variety of services. Some of them include:

  • Offering assistance with selecting and arranging customized insurance policies and packages.
  • Providing detailed technical expertise, including knowledge of prices, terms and conditions, benefits and pitfalls of the wide range of insurance policies available on the market.
  • Assisting in interpreting, arranging and completing insurance documentation.
  • Identifying predicting, managing and reducing your individual or business risks.
  • Negotiating a suitable policy with the insurance provider of your choice.
  • Representing you for claims and settlements.
  • Helping with premium funding and risk management reviews.

Here’s a list of insurance policies that we offer for our client; have a look:

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance plan gives you a one-time, lump sum payout up to the limit of policy. This insurance is to help make sure your family can continue to meet financial obligations if one of the sources of income is lost due to a critical illness or surgery

Disability Insurance

A disability insurance plan is a way to replace a portion of your income should you find your are unable to work due to a disability. No one ever knows when they’re going to become disabled nor do we know what will cause it, but this kind of insurance is designed specifically to help you despite all the uncertainty you may be facing during this time to cover your minimum payments & Daily expense

Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage insurance is a type of insurance that protects the family or policy holder. This plan protects you financially in the event you cannot make your mortgage payments mark of sickness or Injury so you do not default and can protect your credit score

Loan Protection Insurance

Loan protection insurance is a policy that helps a policyholder financially in times of need. If you are unable to pay your loan due to illness or due to an accident that has led to disability. By investing in this insurance, you can help pay for your monthly loan and protect yourself from being tagged as a defaulter and protect you Credit. Limit are up to 5000 for personal expense and $5000 for business expense.

International Student Insurance

When you are applying for international student health insurance, you should know that Canadian healthcare rules and regulations differ from province to province. International student do not get Health Card, this student plan covers them all.

Key Person Insurance

Key person insurance is a life insurance on the person who runs the business or is an integral part of it. If you are running a small business, which entirely depends on a key person, it is important that you get him insured.

Group Insurance

Group insurance plan provides better coverage and ensures that the physical, mental and financial health of your insured employees are taken care of. It also provides you with a peace of mind and reassures your employees. Group insurance also provides cover to family members of employees. This helps employees to done Taxes.

Term Life Insurance

The term life insurance plans we offer the least expensive and simplest type of life insurance you can find. Whether you need something immediately or are thinking for the future, term life insurance gives you a variety of opportunities to make sure you’re always covered no matter what you choose from 1oyrs, 20yrs or 30yrs or pick a Term.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is the permanent life insurance policy and paid out to a beneficiary or beneficiaries upon the policyholder’s death, provided that the premium payments were maintained. Whole life insurance pays a death benefit, but also has a savings component in which cash can build up, which can be taken out if needed

Universal Life Insurance

As a holder of a universal life insurance policy you have options on the terms of the contract you sign. You can select a policy that allows you to take a loan against the cash value the policy has accumulated. You can also, potentially, withdraw some or all of the cash value of the policy.

Money-back Life Insurance

If you are wondering, what happens to the premium for your life insurances plan if you survive the whole term, well, you will be pleased to know that both Whole Life Insurance and Universal Life Insurance have a built-in cash value. This comes under the money-back life insurance policy and you can get it back.

Super Visa Insurance

Super visa insurance provides medical insurance coverage for parents and grandparents of permanent Canadian citizens and residents. Super visa insurance typically covers: Emergency medical. Hospital care. Emergency dental care.

Buy-sell Agreement

A buy and sell agreement is a legally binding agreement between co-owners or shareholders. In case one of the co-owner dies or decides to leave the business, the surviving partner can buy the remaining shares of the business

Estate Planning

Life insurance plays a very important role in estate planning. Estate planning also provides financial stability for your dependents and family members. It can also be used to pay taxes, fees or clear any debts

Why choose an insurance broker?

Here are some of the reasons why your go-to should be an insurance broker when it comes to find the appropriate insurance option:

  • Knowledge – If you are not familiar with all the insurance options available on the market or are unable to do the research required, then an insurance broker can help. Their knowledge about the various options, prices, terms and conditions, benefits, liabilities and exclusions regarding various types of policies can help you narrow down the insurance policies and packages most suitable for you. This way, you can focus on your other commitments and not spend much time researching.
  • Customization – An insurance broker can help you find a policy that can best fit all your requirements and relevant current circumstances while covering all your risks. This can help you assess the best policy for you, be it life, health or even travel insurance or investment
  • Experience – Insurance brokers tend to not just have in-depth knowledge of the market abut also enough knowledge on market trends and general customer requirements. This allows them to predict, quite accurately, the options that are favorable to customers. Their knowledge about the terms and conditions, prices, benefits, exclusions and liabilities, and how these parameters have changed and can change will help you narrow down your options.
  • Representation – When making an insurance claim, they can represent you and liaise with the insurance provider and loss adjuster on your behalf. With their in-depth knowledge about various insurance products and services, they will be there to assist you when making claims.
  • Reliability – Reliability is an important factor to consider when you are choosing an insurance policy. During emergencies, it is important that you get the security you need from your insurance plan to avoid unexpected costs and loss. A broker can help you find a reliable insurance provider who can provide you with the security you need, be it through a life insurance or medical insurance. They can even help you find the appropriate critical illness insurance, travel insurance and so on.
  • Reasonable prices – Depending on the type of insurance policy you are purchasing, brokers may receive their remuneration from the insurance provider chosen by their customers. For long-term insurance, brokers may offer advice on a fee basis. This means that you don’t really need to worry about the prices if you make most of the advice provided to you.

What can you expect from our insurance brokers?

    • Free consultation – If you would like to speak with one of our experienced insurance brokers, just submit your details or even email us. We will get in touch with you soon.
    • Simple and fast services – Our brokers are here to ensure that you get the services you need as soon as possible. They will be there to answer all your queries and share their knowledge of the market with you.
    • Consistency – You can rest assured that we will be consistent in providing you with quality services and expert advice. We will work hard to maintain the same efficiency every time to ensure you get the services you need.

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A: Speak with one of our insurance brokers and provide all relevant information regarding your financial circumstances and insurance needs. Your broker can advise you on how much coverage you need and your best options.

A: Your insurance broker can help you evaluate if it is better to renew your term policy or re-qualify altogether. They will assess your next steps and help you formulate an insurance strategy.

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